Sideline Behavior
Attitudes Are Contagious

The issues of parental side-line behavior & referee retention are among the most troubling issues facing youth soccer. With Attitudes are Contagious, Lakewood Steilacoom Dupont Soccer Club hopes to modify the behavior of adults at youth soccer matches.

Our goal of making the sidelines far more positive and supportive for referees in particular, and for the players as well.

You will hear from referees (both old and young) and from the players themselves about the problems created by adults who shout and yell during youth soccer matches.

Listen to what the kids say: Lots of parents don't really know the rules, their actions adversely affect the game, and "Coaching from the sideline is very distracting."

Using game action and interviews, parents are reminded of the POSITIVE actions they can take to ENHANCE the game experience.
Soccer Gear Recycling Program

The LSDSC's nearly 600 registered player's grow so fast that they often grow out of their shoes & uniforms long before they wear out.

We are collecting working equipment, everything from balls, practice pennies, shoes, shirts to cones & clipboards. In turn, we will make them available for the next generation of players & coaches.

As we collect the gear and equipment, we will post a list of the items on our website.

The donated equipment will be made available for anyone to pickup at no cost.

However, if you can make a donation, any money received will go directly to our scholarship program that assists the kids (& parents) of our community who might not otherwise get an opportunity to play.

You can drop the gear off anytime you see our club golf cart or send us an email & we will coordinate a time to pick up your gear donation.

Recreational Soccer
Recreational (Rec) soccer is a program for teams U12 through U18. Games are competitive, but the level of play is less than the Select program.

Tryouts are not required - if you want to play, you will be placed on a team. Teams can have up to 18 people on the roster and play on a full size field with 11 players.

Players continue to improve their individual skills and learn new techniques throughout their time in the program.

But most of all, they have fun and form friendships that last a lifetime.

Games are played from September through early December.

The teams are formed starting in May and can add players up until October.

After registration is closed, coaches will contact players and let them know their team assignment.

The amount of practice is at the discretion of the coach but is usually twice per week.

Practice generally starts in August unless the team chooses to play in a local tournament during the summer.

Recreational teams can play at a variety of competitive levels based on the team's ability and commitment.

They can play against other teams in Pierce County, or they can play at the District level with games against other teams in District III (Pierce County and parts of King County).

For teams that are interested, post-season play is available, extending the season beyond December.

Coaches will generally make a decision about a team's competitive level in the summer.


If you observe inappropriate behavior by a coach, official, or parent...please utilize this form to report your concerns to the board.