Select Soccer Information


These rules pertain to select teams only. The Board reserves the right to supplement this rule set with new standards and policies when adopted by a majority vote of the LSDSC Board of Directors.

Section 1 - LSDSC Select Team Definition

An LSDSC Select Team consists of players in a common age group possessing a high level of soccer skills and competitive ability as well as the ability to play at a competitive level. Select Team participants will be selected from an eligible group of players. LSDSC recommends all players play within their age group as defined by US Soccer.

Section 2 - LSDSC Select Program Initiative

1. LSDSC's responsibility to the local soccer community is as a recreation soccer club first. As this is our primary goal, we require that at least two viable recreation level teams have been formed at the age level requested prior to the formation of a Select Team. Our goal is to maintain access to recreation soccer at every age group.

2. The Select Program will provide an avenue for the more highly skilled players to utilize their soccer skills and advanced competitive abilities. These teams will be playing at a higher competitive level and with players of similar advanced abilities.

3. Select play will allow an opportunity for players who had been previously restricted in their participation due to advanced skill levels. These players will be able to participate to a greater extent on a team with players of similar abilities, increasing their interest in the game. It will also reduce the attrition rates of highly skilled players from recreation club teams.

4. We encourage coaches within the same age group considering Select Team formation to work together first to identify if a select team is appropriate for their player population.

Section 3 - LSDSC Select Team Policy and Procedures

A. Select Teams

1. Creation of a Select Team will be initiated by an interested coach making a request to the LSDSC Board.

2. LSDSC Select Teams may be formed from age divisions U11 and above.

3. LSDSC Select Teams will be placed by the Clubs Registrar and Games Chair at an appropriate level of play. All LSDSC Select teams will compete within WYSA in the highest available league of competition for their age groups. New Select teams will enter into the SSUL or NPSL Select divisions. League promotion will be determined by the league and supported by LSDSC.

B. Select Committee

1. The LSDSC Select Teams Chairperson will be the Board representative to oversee the Select Program.

a. This Chairperson will be appointed by the Club President with approval by the LSDSC Board of Directors.

b. This Chairperson will keep the LSDSC Board and PCSA advised of the progress of select team formation and will participate in position the Select Teams in League play.

2. The LSDSC Select Team Committee shall consist of: Select Teams Chairperson, Vice-President, Registrar, and two current Board Members at Large.

a. If any one person holds two of the above-mentioned positions concurrently, they will be granted only one vote on any Select Program issue.

b. Two Select Coaches may be appointed by the Select Teams Chairperson in lieu of the two Board Members at Large. The coaches must first receive approval of the LSDSC Board and then the coaches will have voting privileges.

c. This Committee shall promote, organize, schedule, and administer the LSDSC Select Teams player and coach selection process.

d. This Committee will publish the tryout/selection schedule.

e. This Committee will provide continuous coordination with the Select Team coaches regarding team needs and LSDSC Board concerns.

f. This Committee will make recommendations regarding Select policies and procedures to the LSDSC Board for approval.

3. LSDSC Team Coaches:

a. Will be volunteers approved by the Select Committee.

b. Will have a US Soccer Coaching License - minimum F License required.

c. Must hold current Risk Management clearance status

d. Must be in good standing with the LSDSC Board and PCSA.

4. LSDSC Team Assistant Coaches:

a. Shall be appointed by the Select Team Coach.

b. Must hold current Risk Management clearance status.

5. LSDSC Select Team Manager:

a. Shall be appointed by the Select Team Coach.

b. Must hold current Risk Management clearance status.

Section 4 - Selection of Players

2. Players will be selected annually by the Select Team Head Coach or selection committee. It is recommended but not necessary for the Head Coach to involve the Select Chairperson in team selections. It is recommended the Head coach ask to form a "selection committee" to assist in player assessment and team selection. The selection committee will consist of the Coach and two to four experienced soccer volunteers (or members of the Select committee.)

3. The coach (selection committee) should consider, but is not limited to, the following factors:

a. Ball control: dribbling, trapping, possession, and heading

b. Passing: accuracy, distance, force

c. Position play: playing position, moving into and creating space, overlapping

d. Tackling ability

e. Shooting ability

f. Play-making ability: tactics, team play

g. Supporting play: marking, reading movements, anticipation

h. Goalkeeping (specifically for goalkeepers)

i. Overall soccer knowledge

4. Invitations to join Select teams will be sent to all players currently registered within LSDSC and PCSA for identified age groups that have Coaches.

5. The final roster will be determined by the Select Teams Head Coaches (or a committee to be determined by the Head Coach of the team).

6. Finalization of the roster and player notification will be completed no later than 3 days following the completion of the final scheduled tryout. This will be prior to the playing season unless extended by the Select Teams Committee. Changes to the roster are permissible, in accordance with applicable WYSA and participating League rules.

7. Any player participating in a tryout for an LSDSC Select Team that is not selected will have the right to return to his/her former club or LSDSC Recreation team. The Registrar will have the responsibility of assuring that the player is given this option to return to their former team.

Interested coaches should email requests to