Frequently Asked Questions

When does the season start?
- The Fall season kicks off the weekend following Labor Day. Some teams may chose to take part in Summer tourmanents, which usually begin in late June, early July.

When will my child start practicing?
- Coaches should be making contact with families by the end of June regarding the beginning of practices. The majority of our teams begin practicing in mid July, though some may chose to begin earlier.

Where will my child's practices be?
- The majority of our teams practice at Fort Steilacoom Park, but your coach will ultimately get this information to you.

What time will practices be?
- This is again information that your child's coach will announce. The club has no part in choosing practice times or locations

What time will games be?
- Home games at Fort Steilacoom Park will typically run on Saturday's from 9am to 3pm depending on how many teams we have playing at home that weekend. Micro (2014-2015) games are usually scheduled between 9 and 11am but could be later if we have a lot of micro teams. Away games are something out of our control as a club and times will be announced by your coach as other clubs post their home schedules

What day will my child's games be played on?
- Micro and Recreational team from U7-U14 play their games on Saturdays typically. Select teams may play games on Saturday's or Sunday's depending on what league the team is placed in. U15 and older (2005-2001) will almost always play their games on Sunday's regardless of what league the team is entered in.

Where are our home games going to be played?
- LSDSC home matches are played at Fort Steilacoom Park, though later in the season dependin on weather and field conditions, it is not uncommon that games may be moved to Steilacoom or Lakes High School.